The sweet and dry Jurançon wines of Domaine de Cabarrouy :

         " A subtle balance - crisp, delicately aromatic and rounded "



the specificités

of our

Jurançon wines :

Dry Jurançon,

Characteristics : ocean sharpness and minerality on the palate; a subtle bouquet of white flower blossom and boxwood
Conservation: 2 to 5 years
Fermentation : stainless steel tanks
Goes well with: fish (salmon, trout) shell fish as well as cold cured meats

Jurançon classique, mellow sweet,

Characteristics :summery feshness, exotic fruit on the palate introduced by a frank vibrancy

Conservation: 3 to 7 years

Grapes : Mostly Gros Manseng

Fermentation: stainless steel tanks

Goes well  : as an apéritif, with chinese food (sweet/sour), fruit dessert, apple flavoured blood sausage

Jurançon Ambre de Samonios, mellow sweet,

Characteristics : oriental suaveness : the power of spices combined with the roundness of ripe fruit

Conservation:  7 to 10 years

Grape: 100% Petit Manseng

Fermentation: stainless steel tanks

Goes well : as an  apéritif, with strong cheese ( ewe's milk cheese eg roquefort), foie gras, duck "à l'orange", fine pastries

Jurançon  Ste Catherine Vintage, mellow sweet

Characteristics : a touch of autumnal frost on ripened grapes : a unique array of mature fruit aromas and sweet spices, of great refinement
Conservation : 7 to 10 years
Grapes: 100 % Petit Manseng
Fermentation : barrels

Goes well : as an apéritif, with fresh or micuit foie gras, grilled/spiced white meats, Roquefort

Jurançon Le Givré, mellow sweet,

Characteristics : Picked just before Christmas, these grapes have undergone the combination of freezing cold nights and intense "passerillage". This "embrace" creates a first impression on the palate of creaminess, which then lingers with a touch of white truffle flavour and then continues lengthily to a delicate finale of citrus zest.
Conservation : 10 years or more
Grapes : 100 % Petit Manseng
Fermentation : new barrels
Goes well : as an apéritif or to accompany fine pastries