Domaine de Cabarrouy - Jurançon : The Terroir

A unique terroir

and microclimate 

makes the  

Domaine de Cabarrouy wines  

incomparable ! 

Geographic location:

The Domaine de Cabarrouy is located at the extreme south of the Jurançon Appellation. Thus the characteristics of the micro climate are more pronounced :

- cool nights resulting from the proximity of the Pyrenean mountains

- sunny spells that are almost tropical ( annual rainfall can reach 1400 mm ... or more)

- late and lengthy autumnal "Indian summers" have a drying effect caused the southern wind (fœhn)

Soil and subsoil :

Ranging from clay/lime to clay/chalk, subsoil consists of flyschs located not far from a chalky outcrop dating back to the CRETACEAN, which is present in certain Jurançon areas.

Altitude :

230 m

Area Under Vine : 

Five and a half hectares

Vineyard practice

Grasses mown with addition of organic fertilizer only. Sensible and substainable farming practices are employed.

Exposure :

vines are planted only on southerly slopes of the property which is 21 hectares in total

Grapes :

60% Petit Manseng, 40% Grand Manseng

Harvest :

Grapes are hand-picked starting early October for the dry Jurançon and from mid October to end of December for the  sweet Jurançons by means of period picking.

The aim is to attain in the Petit Manseng a maximum of "passerillage". This natural process, dries out the grapes through the effect of the warm foehn wind and autumnal sunshine contrasted with the cool nights. The Petit Manseng grape is particularly well adapted to this as the individual grapes on the bunch are not tightly clustered and the grape itself is small and thick skinned. The "passerillage", contrary to noble rot, increases the level of acidity instead of diminishing it, while at the same time increasing the natural sugars. This synergy gives the sweet Jurançon its characteristic liveliness.