The grapes of Jurançon :Gros Manseng-Petit Manseng

The Gros Manseng :

a generous grape which is relatively easy to grow but requires careful practice in order to control output which optimizes the aromatic potential.
Used on the Domaine to make the  Jurançon Sec  and the  Jurançon Classique  thanks to its grapefruit and tropical fruit aroma.

The Petit Manseng

is the mainstay of our vintages of full bodied mellow sweet wines because the grape has such a high concentration of sugar thanks to the "passerillage".

This natural process allows the grapes to dry out through the effect of the fœhn wind as well as the autumnal sunshine whilst nights bring coolness.

The Petit Manseng grape is particularly adapted to the "passerillage" thanks to loose bunching on the stem, and the grapes themselves, which are small and thick skinned.

"Passerillage" contrary to the Nobel Rot, increases the concentration of fruit acid instead of degrading it whilst increasing the content of natural sugars. This synergry gives the mellow sweet Jurançon its unique crispness.

The Petit Manseng, picked in the end of november for our "Cuvée Sainte Catherine" ,  produces a bouquet of citrus zest, candied fruit and sweet spices.

December 2007:
A bunch of "Petit Manseng" grapes , concentraded through the "passerillage" and strong night frosts ("Le Givré")