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Domaine de Cabarrouy wines

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Excerpts :

" Domaine de Cabarrouy, Cuvée Sainte Catherine 2012 : Vanilla, ripe fruit with chewy texture and juicy, extrovert fruit. Not too sweet, and tempered with deliciously mouyh-watering acidity. Long and expressive with proper complexity, not just sugar."

Richard Hemming 14 juillet 2017 ( www.jancisrobinson.com)

" This domaine employs careful vineyard husbandry on this unusually chalky terroir to produce wines that are subtle, original and remarkably successful.

The Jurançon Classique : great feshness with touches of pineapple and cedarwood touches culminating in delicate candy flavour but without heaviness. This originated in a particularly original soil composition of a section.

The Dry Jurancon " Instant happiness" : Wine of a rare fineness with subtle citrus aromas, tending more towards lemon than grapefruit, extremely pleasant.

Bettane & Dessauve , Le Grand Guide des Vins

"Domaine de Cabarrouy Cuvée Sainte Catherine 2004 vintage : regularly selected, the first "favourite" for this domaine which is a compliment to the work achieved by Patrice Limousin and Freya Skoda since 1988. The presentation of this wine is impeccable with its golden and brass tinged hue - brilliantly sustained. The characterful nose is the fruit of a perfect combination between berries, exotic fruit, candied orange zest with superb toastiness. A balanced mid-palate plays between lightness, roundness and freshness, accompanied by a concentrated body of great aromatic richness."

Guide Hachette 2007

"Specialists separate three different sectors in the Jurançon appellation: Monein, Chapelle de Rousse and Lasseube. The wines of the latter village are young, more austere, more acid and probably less demonstrative and extravagant then the others, but their ageing potential is phenomenal, mostly thanks to their acidity. All those who are passionate about wines to be kept in their cellar, owe it to themselves to visit Lasseube, and more specifically Patrice Limousin et Freya Skoda where they will be able to taste a few very typical bottles of the region. Before tasting, the charm and the soulful feel of the house as well as the surrounds, will immediatly be apparent. "

Jean Pierre Coffe , Mes vins préférés à moins de 10 €


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