About Cap/barrouy and the bearded vulture

Key stone of the Domaine de Cabarrouy's Eastern gate"
Arnaud Caparrouy
established the


in Lasseube during the 17th century.
His successors built the

Domaine de Cabarrouy

during the last decade of the 18th century and started their

vineyard cultivation

there at the beginning
of the 19th century
photo © Eric Delgado



is also

the local name

for the

bearded vulture

photo © Eric Delgado

Less than

200 bearded vulture pairs

still exist in


today, and almost

80 % of them are living in the Pyrenees,

where the bearded vulture has been present since time immemorial.

- This has been confirmed by the ca. 450 000 years old bone fragments discovered in Tautavel (Catalan Pyrenees)

photo © Eric Delgado

The bearded vulture is


most endangered

bird-of-prey !

His name currently ranks high on the

IVCN's list

 ( International Union for the protection and preservation of Europe's natural word)

of endangered species.